A Finish and Fun Things

Hello my friends,

I hope everyone is having a great summer. We’ve been busy. There is alot to cram in such a short period of time. My posts will be a little sparse the next couple of weeks (once a week maybe) so Madison and I have more time to do things together before school starts.

One finish I wanted to show today is Be Kind and True by Stacy Nash:


This was our Friday night class at the 2013 Dyeing to Stitch Retreat. Yeah!! I finished a retreat project! It is supposed to be a thread keep but I left the ring off and I am just going to display it. I just love this design.

I saw some time ago a bird’s nest in a jar on the Pioneer Homestead blog. I have wanted to do this but wanted a real bird’s nest not a store bought one. While I was at our cottage over the holiday, outside the porch was a perfect bird’s nest. I was so excited! When I came home I bought a jar and added a few eggs and viola:


Can you see the eggs? They look real. I love it! I am on the lookout for more bird’s nest. LOL!

The last thing today is Madison’s project she did while we were away. She made:


She did such a great job and we had fun. I cut the strips of fabric for her and she tied all of them on one by one.

That’s it for today but I do have lots of projects in the works. Stay tuned for a new freebie next week!

Have a great week everyone!


Ornaments in June!

Ahhh!! Ornaments! I just love ornaments! I have a few to show you today. The first one is by Little House Needleworks from the 2013 Just Cross Stitch ornament issue called Cozy Inn.


I love this design and I think it is adoreable but for some reason I had the hardest time stitching this. I kept making mistake after mistake and I wasn’t going to keep taking it out so I did the best I could and made up some of my own things to make it work. How does it look? When I reached a certain point on this I was thinking I just need to get this done because I want to work on something else. I am glad it is done and finished. It will still make a nice addition to my tree.

The next 2 ornaments are my designs:


HoHoHo and Noel! I plan on kitting these up and selling them in the fall. I’ll let you know when. They are a quick stitch which is great when you need a quick gift. Hmmm! I might need to make an extra one for Madison’s teacher for Christmas. Viola! One gift done. Yeah!

I will be away next week but I hopefully will be back with some stitching etc. to show so please stay tuned. So until then I hope everyone is able to stitch to your heart’s content.


Freebie Finishes

Hello  friends,

I have 2 small finishes to share with you. First is this sweet bunny:


This was a freebie by the Little Stitcher. Isn’t it so sweet! I love little bunnies so I had to get this stitched up. I put lace in the middle like the Little Stitcher did. In the picture it is hard to see. Sorry about that but it does look good.

Second is the fabulous freebie posted recently by Primitive Betty:


Love this! I changed the colors a bit and just made it into a simple pillow. I used some flag fabric on the back which is perfect for this piece for obvious reasons. LOL!

That’s all I have for today. I have some ornaments finished so I hope to show those on Thursday.

Have a great day everyone!



So I went thrift shopping recently and although I didn’t come home with much I did want to show you a few things I found:


I found this sweet little wooden fireplace. I am not sure what I am going to do with it but since I don’t have a fireplace in my house I thought it was too cute to leave there. It measures about 3 x 5. What should I do with it?

I also found this:


It was calling my name and saying “save me” so I picked it up and brought it home. I took it out of the frame and made it into this:


That’s the fabric I used for the back which I thought was perfect. It now has a new life and sits in my cubby. Although I am not a huge fan of aida the design is very sweet. Makes me want to thrift and save some more cross stitch designs.

That’s all for today! Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Coupon Pocket and Stitcher’s Finishes

Hello friends,


Just wanted to share my coupon pocket with you today. On my shopping trips, I am tired of losing my coupons in my purse and forgetting about them when I check out so I thought I could put them in this pocket so I will be able to grab them quicker. I designed Coupons and used a pair of jeans from goodwill for my pocket. I sewed fabric on the back and put my design and buttons on the front. I used Weeks Dye- Confetti for my thread. I really like how it turned out. I have a little strap on it so I can either carry it alone or in my purse.

I am posting this as a freebie in case you would like to make your own pocket. Use the color of your choice. I was in the mood for bright colors that’s why I chose Confetti. If you do decide to make one please send me an email. I would love to see what you come up with for your finish. If you have trouble seeing the image after you print it, please let me know and I will send it to you.


Have fun!

I also wanted to share 2 finishes that were stitched by my friend, Robin. She stitched my first 2 freebies and here they are finished:

robin 1

Hot Cocoa and



Aren’t they wonderful! Thank you so much Robin for sharing your finishes with us. I love seeing what you did with them.


Have a great day everyone!



Ornies and Other Things

Hello my friends,

How is everyone this fine day? It is rainy here which is fine because we need it. I have 2 ornies to share with you today. They are Believe:


Freebie by Daffycat Designs. I already stitched this one so I am saving this as a gift.

and Deer:


Freebie by Threadwork Primitives.

Thanks for the great freebies ladies! I have a few more ornies stitched and I just have to finish them. I wanted to see how many ornaments I can finish this year. I know there are a few people I CANNOT keep up with but I am going to keep plugging away and see how many I end up with. :)

So, I waited and waited and waited and guess what FINALLY came…


Yes, my new kit for the Shepherd’s Bush fold. HOORAY!!!!! Can’t wait to get started. It seems like I waited a lifetime for this to come. As I said this was a birthday gift from my parents. My loving and generous mom also bought the scissors and sheath to go with it. She also included one of the LHN patterns I don’t have from the Hometown Holidays series which is the church. Ahh!! Happiness is when get stitchy things in the mail to make a day complete.

I am going to end my post today with a picture of Madison playing in her school concert last night:


This picture is actually before they started and they were practicing. When they started there was a little girl that sat in front of her so I wouldn’t have gotten a good picture.

She played the violin this year and although she got tired of it, she finished the year and did really well at the concert. They all did a great job. next year she wants to do chorus. She loves to sing.

Hope everyone has a great week filled with lots of stitching!


SAVE and Babies

Hello my friends,

How was everyone’s weekend. Mine was good and the street sale was a success. We sold alot more than we expected. Now since that is over it is time to get back to stitching and blogging.¬† I finished up this little box….


I designed SAVE for the top and put chenille trim around it. I covered the box with money fabric. It turned out pretty cute! I figure I could use it to stash away money now and then. I might forget about it and then what a surprise to find money I forgot I had. Woo Hoo!! Stash money!!

I am making another one and will probably save for a future RAK.

I also wanted to show you the baby geese I told you about in my last post.


Aren’t they adoreable! I wish I could hold one but I am sure the mommy’s and daddy’s would attack me. A picture will do! I walk here regularly so it will be fun to see them grow.

That’s it for today!

Have a great day my friends!