Some Finishes!

Hello Stitching Friends,

I have a few finishes to share with you today. Finally!!!

First,  Land That I Love by Lizzie Kate:


I finished it as a hanging pillow to hang on my hutch. Love it! My little charm is crooked in the picture but I assure you it does hang straight. I just didn’t it was crooked until right this minute when posting it. (sigh!)

I also finished Song of Spring also by Lizzie Kate:


This was a kit from my dear friend, Robin. Love this and I finished it the way the kit showed. Everything was included. The kit also came with a bonus pattern which you see on top in the photo. I think he is adorable! Although this is supposed to be a fob I am not going to use it as that. I am going to hang it on my spring tree. Then I can enjoy the sweet little bunny every day.

That’s all I have for today.

I hope to get some more finishes done soon. Time seems to be more limited in the summertime. I am off doing outside things while the weather is nice. I am sure I am not the only one!

Have a great weekend filled with stitching!



6 thoughts on “Some Finishes!

  1. Fabulous finishes, Maureen! I like the patriotic one turned into a door knob hanger. I have that one hanging in the guest room; it was framed. The bunny and spring pieces from LK are adorable. Way to go!

  2. They all look great Maureen! I have been trying to put some finishes together as well. Hope your summer is going well. Say hi to Madison!!!!!

  3. Both Lizzie Kate pieces are adorable and very nice finishing work too! I wish I bought the Song of Spring,I passed it by thinking it was too pricy. I’d love to see your Spring Tree. Mary@stitchingfriendsforever

  4. Gorgeous! Your finishing is so professional! I have to say, though, that as cute as the LK bunny is, I like the bunnies you have designed better! I love your original designs. ❤

  5. Maureen I love your finishes and the stitches you chose. I have made the Lizzie Kate patriotic stitch a couple of times and enjoy it each time. The song of Spring is lovely…such a great stitch. RJ@stitching friends forever

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