Wine Corks Galore

Hello All,

I am back to share some more projects with you. I was playing with wine corks last week. I have made these so far:

wine corks

The 2 on the left I made for my scissors using my grandmother’s beads and some old trinkets I found when my parents were cleaning out last year.

My family members have been saving wine corks for me so I am getting a good supply going.


As you can see I have big wine drinkers in my family. LOL!

I love recycling to give something a new purpose. It’s fun and somehow so satisying.

I have so many ideas for these wine corks so be on the lookout for more in the future.

Have a great week!!



3 thoughts on “Wine Corks Galore

  1. What fun projects you created, Maureen! The scissor fobs are neat and very cool that you were able to use some of your Grandmother’s beads and other trinkets.

  2. I have lots of corks just waiting to be put to good use, this is a fun project and love that you used your Grandmothers beads. Mary

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