Some Tags and a New Pattern

Hello Everyone,

So I experimented with dyeing some tags and thread spools in coffee.


The darker ones I dyed with instructions I found online using coffee, vinegar, and steel wool. The lighter ones I just soaked in coffee. I dried them in the sun for about 20 minutes. I flipped them over every 5 minutes to make sure they dry evenly. I like how the lighter ones turned out and that is how I  am going to dye them in the future. I am not happy with the darker ones and definitely won’t be using the vinegar and steel wool again.

I took some of the lighter ones and made these:


Love them! They can be scissor fobs, ornaments, or whatever you want. I personally am going to use them as ornaments of course. I stitched these with my dyed threads. I am thinking of lots of small designs I can put on these. Since I love how these turned out I will definitely be making some more.

I also wanted to quickly share a new pattern today:

A Patriotic Bunny


I just listed this in my etsy shop along with some needle minders. If you would like to take a look go to

Have a great week everyone! Stitch on!




5 thoughts on “Some Tags and a New Pattern

  1. I really like the tags you created for ornaments. What count fabric did you use for your designs? Have you considered using perforated paper instead of fabric? LOVE the patriotic bunny and how you finished it.

  2. Maureen I have a project planned for October that is very similar to yours. I like how you dyed your wood. I was thinking of painting it but I may change my mind now. I love the color of the wood.

    Your little stitches on the wood tags are darling! And I love your bunny patriotic ornament. Have a great week. RJ

  3. The tags are nice.
    I DO like the dark ones though, they could be used for Prim designs.
    The Bunny is too cute.

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