Projects and Progress

Hello Everyone,

Thank you all for the prayers for my Dad. 2 surgeries later,  he is doing well and hopefully will be home soon.

So I decided that this year I was going to alternate each month with stitching some of my bigger projects in hopes of getting them done. For February I worked on Dwelling Place and although I didn’t get as much done as I wanted, here is my progress none the less:


I will start working on this come April and hopefully get a lot more done.

I also wanted to share my new obsession and that is thread spools. I have so many projects I want to do with them. So I wanted to share my first ones with you. I made wine corks and wine charms:


I have more projects in the works so I will share them here as I make them. I am so excited about making them that I wish I could make them all now but there are a lot and time is not on my side right now.

I do see a thread spool blog post in the near future.

Have a great weekend with lots of stitching!




3 thoughts on “Projects and Progress

  1. Maureen, I am glad to hear your Dad is doing better. I am continuing to pray for him along with you and your family. I think you made good progress on the LHN piece and I look forward to seeing it again in April. Very cool spool ideas! You really are addicted to spools! 🙂

  2. Maureen, please keep us updated on your dad. That is scary…I admire you for doing constructive things like tackling your bigger projects and getting a new obsession. I love those spools! Very clever! Lots of love, Erika

  3. Good to hear your dad is on the mend, Maureen–I’m sure your entire family was very anxious for him during the surgeries… Hope he gets home very soon. Darling wine charms–what a cute idea! And lovely progress on your larger piece.

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