Stitching Clips and Pheasant Feathers

Hello all,

Weird title I know! Let me explain-

Stitching clips:


I made these just to try something fun. I gave 2 of them to 2 very special friends for Valentine’s Day. I want to make more of these. You could use them to hold your fabric, keep your papers together, a bookmark or whatever you want and it looks pretty.

Pheasant Feathers- When I was younger my Dad hunted pheasants among other things but pheasants were one of those. Their feathers are really cool. When my parents were getting ready to move I found them and kept them.

This is what I did with them:



I put some in a clear ball ornament to hang on my Christmas tree.The others I put in these milk jugs I bought and they are displayed in my living room. They will probably be moved around a bit depending on what I want where. I am always moving things around or to different rooms. I am never satisfied. LOL!

That’s all I have for today but did want to ask for some prayers for my Dad’s speedy recovery. He had heart surgery yesterday and is doing really well so please pray that he stays on the right track and comes home soon.

Thanks so much and have a great stitchy week everyone!



4 thoughts on “Stitching Clips and Pheasant Feathers

  1. What a creative idea with the clips! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the feathers!

    I hope your father continues to improve and comes home soon – there’s nothing like being home.

  2. Sending best wishes for your Dad’s continued recovery! I love my clip and have it hanging on my tree. Your feathers are lovely; cute idea with the glass ball.

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