1st SAL Finish and a Collection

Hello Everyone,

So Robin and I are doing another SAL this year and we are stitching Little House Needleworks/ Country Cottage patterns. I am excited to share Peace on Earth by Little House Needleworks:


I have a thing for sheep lately. Isn’t he cute!

I am also excited to be stitching these with Robin because it will motivate me to stitch the bunch of Little House ornaments I have.

So I decided this year that I would randomly post my collections to share. So my first my first collection I am sharing is my thread keeps.


I thought I had more but I searched all over and this is all I could find. I will however be adding to this collection this year. Some have been gifts and some I have made. I love thread keeps and use them all the time. They are one of the accessories I can’t live without. How about you?

I will post another collection at a later date after I decide what that will be. I probably will post them when I don’t have a lot of stitching to share. LOL!

I would love to share your collections on my blog. You can send me a picture @tmartell@rochester.rr.com.

Happy Stitching!



5 thoughts on “1st SAL Finish and a Collection

  1. What a cool assortment of thread keeps you have, Maureen! I look forward to seeing what other collections you will be sharing. Your ornament turned out so cute. I am excited about our 2017 SAL.

  2. Cool assortment of thread keeps! I love Little House. Last year My two friends Elena and Roberta did a SAL but severest. It was a Halloween one with a monthly theme and the last weekend of the month we shared our finished project. Was a lot of fun. Look forward to seeing the rest of them.

  3. One can never have enough ornaments! Very nice finish. I have lots of collections but not really any that are stitchy-themed. Do cat collections count? 😉

  4. Beautiful ornament! I love the tiny button! ❤ Your thread keeps are wonderful, and I love it that you use them! They should be used…they are really handy. The ones you made are the best ones!

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