1st Stitched Project EVER!!

Hello Everyone,

So today I am going to share my 1st stitched project ever. Nobody laugh now! Keep in mind this was back in the 1980’s.001

Aerobic Bear ( I can’t even remember who the designer is) Anyone know?

It was the summer before my junior year in high school. I didn’t have a job so my mom said” I am going to teach you how to stitch because I don’t want you sitting around all day doing nothing.” Her exact words, I swear. So in the car over to Joann’s we went and got all my supplies. It is stitched on Aida because that is all there was at the time. Look at all that backstitching. Ugh!! I didn’t think much of it back then.

This aerobic bear is what I picked to stitch because at the time I liked doing aerobics and I thought it was appropriate. I don’t mind saying for my 1st project it is pretty flawless. LOL! The rest is history!!

My 1st stitched project ever has followed me over the years and proudly hangs in my stitching room today.

Who still has their 1st stitched project? Do you remember what it was?

Have a great rest of the week and Happy Stitching!






4 thoughts on “1st Stitched Project EVER!!

  1. Aerobic bear is adorable! Maybe Alma Lynne as the designer?!?!?! All of my first projects were gifts and came from assorted Leisure Arts leaflets. Mine were stitched on Aida because it was all I could afford at the time. Plus it is what I learned on. Great topic, Maureen!

  2. I love your aerobic bear! Bears were very popular . My first project was a Linda Myers . I stitched it for Mom . I know she still has it. Maybe I can get a pic. I did it on 22 count I think.

  3. Aerobic Bear is too cute. 🙂
    Bears were a popular subject in the 80’s.
    My first stitch was a stamped sampler for my Mom.
    Not sure where it is now though.
    Yup, I think we all learned on aida, it was easy to stitch on.

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