Fall Finishes

Hello all,

Some fall finishes to share today.

First is my pumpkin trio which I offered as a freebie here on my blog a few weeks ago.


I used a finish by Mona and this is how mine turned out. I will definitely use this finish again. It is pretty simple and I like how it looks.

This is the back:


Next is my ghost:


I used a very simple finish on this one. I just added a hanger and put felt on the back. I love these flat finishes.

I used fabric on the ghost and pumpkin trio that I dyed. I like the orange fabric for Halloween designs.

I designed this Stitchfest pattern for our Stitchfest 2016:


I made it into a pincushion and I stitched our initials and put them on the back.


Makes a great memory of the 1st Annual Stitchfest. I can’t wait for next year!

Last but not least is Mother of the Harvest by the Little Stitcher:


This was a freebie on her blog. I love this little design! I made it into a small pillow so I could display it in my cubby.

This is the extent of my fall stitching since the holidays are fast approaching, I am now in full swing stitching ornaments. How about you?

Have a great week everyone!



2 thoughts on “Fall Finishes

  1. Fabulous fall finishes, Maureen! I really like how you finished the Pumpkin Trio. Perhaps there will be another one to finish like that! Great job with the Stitch Fest piece! I need to finish mine up. Have a wonderful day!

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