Casting a Spell and a Pumpkin Pincushion

Hello Everyone,

I finished and oldie but a goodie and I feel very accomplished although I still have a few more to do. Casting a Spell by Blackbird Designs:


As you can see I till have 4 more to stitch but I wanted to finish the ones I have had stitched. Now that this is done I feel more motivated to want to finish the rest.I’ll post this again next fall with all of them done.

I also finished this little pumpkin pincushion:011

This pumpkin I had made 2 of and the first one I made into an ornament which I showed in a previous post. This little one I made into a pincushion. I used this wooden base that I found at my parents house when they were packing to move.I filled it with orts and glued it in. I put chenille around it to finish it off. I like how it turned out.

That’s it for today. I hope everyone has a great stitchy kind of day!



3 thoughts on “Casting a Spell and a Pumpkin Pincushion

  1. Your pumpkin pincushion made me smile, Maureen. What a great find of the wooden base at your parents! Congratulations on getting six of the blocks finished on Casting a Spell. Where did you get the little cubby for it?

  2. OMG your Casting a Spell looks GREAT!!! What did you use to paint/finish the box? And I love the pincushion! What a fabulous idea to stuff it with orts!!!

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