New patterns!!!

Hello everyone,

The time has finally come and I have some new patterns listed in my Etsy shop. YAY!!!

If you are interested in checking them out go to

There is Spool Tree:


I finished this as a pillow ornament and I can’t wait to hang it on my tree. It was a pretty quick stitch and doesn’t have to be finished as an ornament. With all those creative minds out there, it could be finished as almost anything.

The Christmas Tree:


This I also finished as a pillow ornament. A very simple tree with a star button added at the top. I coffee stained my linen for this just because I wanted an older looking tree.

My last pattern I am listing is by request:


A simple little bunny that is very versatile. I stitched him up with thread that I dyed on linen that I also dyed. I actually showed him in a previous post and had a request to put him in my Etsy shop. Of course I am happy to oblige.

He can be stitched with any color threads on any color linen. Could be fun! The possibilities are endless.

That’s it for now. More to come later. Thanks for checking them out.

Have a great weekend!




3 thoughts on “New patterns!!!

  1. Thank you for creating and listing the new charts! And thank you so much for listing the bunny chart for sale. I can’t wait to stitch them!

  2. Yay! Love them! And I love your finishing. Any chance that you will sell your hand-dyed floss? Or offer any more North Country linen? (Hint hint!!!) 🙂

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