Experimenting and Stitching Bliss


Well, I was experimenting with some scraps of linen the other day and this is the result:


What do you think Donna? LOL! It is a little darker than I expected. That’s why I used my scraps first. Although some of these scraps are big enough to use for something.  I am using one now (more on that in another post.) I do like the orange and I have a couple ideas for that.

Next time I am going to use less dye and less time in the dye and see what happens. I may get a little crazy so watch out! The wheels are turning!

Also wanted to share that my first issue has arrived:


Yay! This magazine is fabulous and there are so many projects that I want to do.Thank you Donna for showing it to me. I am not sure how I have lived without it. Sorry for the flash in the middle of it.

Have great stitches my friends!



4 thoughts on “Experimenting and Stitching Bliss

  1. I like the blue especially the one on the top of the pile. Glad you are enjoying the experimenting! Are you going to do more pieces with your coffee bath?

  2. Maureen the lines look great! Now you have to try dying some threads too!!! Isn’t fun? It is a playing game for sure. I am so glad ou like the magazine. I just love that magazine and our shop owner is glad I convinced her to order this in our shop. I have done several pieces out of these magazines. Take care and GOOD JOB on the dying!!!

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