Some Wonderful Gifts

Hello All,

2016 Wow!!! A new year with some great stitching planned and a few retreats. Yahoo!!!

Since my birthday is right after New Year’s I wanted to share some gifts I received from 2 very dear friends, Erika and Robin.

From Erika:


One of Lori Brechlin’s antique scissors-LOVE! Also one of tape measures which I forgot to include in the picture since it is already in one of my stitching bags. Some fabulous trims and wonderful soap scrub. Also, cute little clips to mark my spot in all my stitching books.

From Robin:


A small stitched Welcome Friends pillow. Look how cute those tassels are. A sweet little stitch ornament and some note paper with my initial on it.

Thank you my dear friends from the bottom of my heart. I love everything! I feel very blessed to have you in my life.

Now I am sure many of you read Vonna’s 25 Days of Christmas blog posts. Well, the one about the Thread Cutterz really caught my eye. I knew I had to have one. Viola!


My mom got me one for Christmas. Love you Mom!

I liked the pink one. Love this! Every stitcher needs one. Check out their website:

Thanks Vonna for introducing me to these. They are great!

Enjoy your weekend!




5 thoughts on “Some Wonderful Gifts

  1. Happy Birthday greetings again! I really like the decorative paper clips that Erika sent your way. Too cute! Glad you liked your goodies and lovely new “ring”. Can’t say I am surprised it is pink! Enjoy your weekend, Maureen!

  2. Hope you had a wonderful birthday, Maureen! I celebrated mine on Saturday, but you are a lot younger than me! Lucky you–more years for stitching 🙂

    Lovely gifts and I’m sure the Thread Cutterz will come in very handy!

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