Boo and Shepherd”s Fold

Hello all,

I have been fall stitching now and loving it. I LOVE everything about fall! I have had my fall decorations out since the end of August. I get anxious!

So, I have a quick finish today and that is BOO by Hands on Designs:


My good friend, Erika sent me this pattern after she stitched it. So I decided to stitch it up for this year. I finished it as a pillow to add to my spider web bowl. It was a quick little stitch.

I recently received my last kit in the Shepherd’s Fold. Here they are in all their glory:


I am embarrassed because as you can see from the picture I am far behind than most people but I vow to get them done. I promise you that! I am 3/4 done with the fob and I do have the box started. I think this will be a 2016 goal and they will all be done next year. I will definitely show them here when I finish them. I am also getting into ornament mode so I’ll have a few to show very soon.

Have a great week everyone!



4 thoughts on “Boo and Shepherd”s Fold

  1. Your Boo finish is adorable, Maureen! Looking forward to seeing what ornaments you have been stitching. Go Maureen Go on your Fold stitching!

  2. Maureen love that spider bowl! Where did you find it? I did that boo pattern last year. Erika and I bought that pattern at Pals in October. It is sweet.

  3. Cute Boo piece, and cute fabric.
    Love your Spider Web bowl, it’s perfect!
    The Fold is a great collection, you will finish it next year. 🙂

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