Finishes and Fun

Hi my friends,

Just a few things I wanted to share today. Who remembers the LHN Walk in the Park I was making for my sister? Well, I did frame it per her request and here it is:


Since my frame did not fit exactly, I decided to put rick rack and buttons on the side to decorate it a little. I like how it turned out and it will be a nice remembrance of Ally.

I also finished up My Dearest Dad just in time for Father’s Day. I am giving it to my Dad. If you remember I did Dearest Mom last month. I finished them the same way.


We have been a little busy this month with Madison’s dance recital and end of school things. I wanted to share a picture in her sassy dance costume.


She does Hip Hop and their song was Too Much from the movie Zapped. I had never heard of it until then so if you haven’t don’t feel bad. They did really well and the show was excellent.

It was Moving Up Day last Friday.


She is holding her favorite class pet, Rosie. My little Madison is officially a middle schooler. It is a new and exciting chapter in her life and we are so proud of her and all she has accomplished so far. I hope they are ready for her!

Have a great week everyone!



6 thoughts on “Finishes and Fun

  1. Wow! Madison is really growing!! Wow! Middle school already!?!? phew! great stitching and finishing! I’m
    sure all were appreciated by their recipients! Hugs!

  2. Congratulations on getting the piece for your sister framed and your Dad piece stitched up and finished. Best wishes to Madison as she goes along the next leg of her school journey.

  3. Wow! Madison looks ready for Broadway! I am excited for her—-middle school is a big step, and she will finally start to be treated like a young woman instead of a child, which she will probably love! Thank you for sharing your finishes…I love how you always get so creative. Your framing job is so professional. I am inspired!

  4. I like the framed piece with the Ric-Rac, great idea.
    Nice finish for your dad also.
    Congrats to Madison!

  5. Wow–middle school already!? How time flies… Madison is darling–I’m sure she’ll do great in this next chapter of her life.

    Lovely finishes, Maureen–the ric rak is a great idea for finishing off a framed piece, too!

    Hope you have a great summer!

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