Hi all,

I just wanted to show the precious Mother’s day gifts I received from my precious daughter.


The little dish I am going to use for small stitchy things. Isn’t is so cute! I framed the paper which I am going to hang in my stitching room so I can admire it everyday. It says “10 reasons I love my Mom” and it is all typed and decorated. She did such a great job. Handmade gifts are my favorite!

I finished stitching A Walk in the Park by LHN for my sister. She had to put her little yorkie, Ally, down a few months ago. So I stitched this for her in memory of Ally:


I gave it to her on Mother’s Day and told her it was an “I Love You” gift. She started tearing before she even opened it. She requested I frame it so that is next on my to do list. I am glad I could make her day and she will always have Ally in her heart.

Have a great day everyone!



4 thoughts on “Gifties

  1. What precious gifts you received from your daughter! You are so very right — handmade gifts are the best. The memory piece for Ally turned out fabulous. I hope you will share it once you frame it.

    Enjoy your day, Maureen!

  2. What beautiful gifts! Madison is so thoughtful…you are raising such a wonderful girl. Enjoy the love she showered on you! And bless you for remembering your sister’s loss in such a gorgeous way. She is lucky to have you for a sister!

  3. You’ll always treasure that gift…especially the reasons why she loves you. And you are a treasure for stitching that piece for your sister. The loss of a pet is a hard one but by stitching that piece, you let your sister know how much you care.

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