More Ornaments


I bet your saying “Does she post anything besides ornaments?” The answer is yes but it depends what I get done first. Anyway, I finished these 2 ornaments and I just had to show you all. These are from Niky’s Creations:


They are freebies from the Candy Cane Stitchers facebook group. If you are not a member I would head over and join. You won’t be disappointed. There is one more that I have not finished yet so I will be showing that at a later date. So I stitched these on dyed fabric and finished them in hoops. I also dyed the rick rack which I put in the hoop, a bow at the top and also used it for the hanger. I really like how they turned out.

I received my first kit in the mail for the Dwelling Place:


Cannot wait to get this started! I just have a few things to finish up first.

That’s it for today. I am off to do a little finishing so hopefully I will have more to show next week. I will be back Thursday to show a new pattern for Mother’s Day.

Have a great day everyone!



5 thoughts on “More Ornaments

  1. You can’t have too many ornaments! :0) I am so impressed how you dyed the rick rack. It’s really effective…and very prim! I will check out the Nikyscreations booth at PSS this weekend so I can find you a little surprise!!!!!

  2. Way to go, Maureen! What lovely prim ornaments you have stitched and finished! And I agree with Erika, you can’t have too many ornaments so you need to continue to stitch and finish them as well as design them.

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