Something New and a Question

Hello all,

I am working on a few finishes which unfortunately are not ready for today. Sorry! I did however want to show you my wine tags that I just listed in my etsy shop.


I stitched and finished these to fit over a wine bottle. So when someone gives a gift of wine a little something fun can be added to it. I am going to make some holiday ones too. If  you want to take a look the link is

I also wanted to ask you all a question and ask for feedback. When you buy a pattern book, what do you like to see in it? I am thinking of doing one and wanted to get ideas on what to put in it. Do you like stories, tutorials, etc. Thanks for your help!

Have a great weekend!



3 thoughts on “Something New and a Question

  1. A centerfold with photographs of the stitched models to drool over! 🙂 And tutorials…lots of them…with pictures for us visual learners. I also love stories – so interesting to read about the inspiration for a piece. Best wishes with this, Maureen!

  2. Your two newest creations are so cute, Maureen… A great gift for a wine drinker 🙂

    I think tutorials are so helpful–really love it when designers include them with the pattern!

  3. I am catching up! Like your latest 2 finishes. I like to see in any chart (whether single or booklet) the following: clear and readable charts, photographs of the designs, tutorials, materials list (even better if substitutions are provided), and tidbits/stories behind the design. I

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