Valentine Finishes and my Cubby

Hello all,

I hope everyone is staying warm and stitching up a storm. It is very cold here in NYS. How about where you are?

I have some Valentine finishes to show today:

My Valentine


This is a freebie by I Stitch and was a really quick stitch. I finished it into an ornament and used some of my own overdyed floss. Love the color!

My Heart Leaps Up and Love Never Fails


My Heart Leaps Up is a freebie by Hands On design. This was a last minute decision to stitch and I am glad I did. I finished this as a pin pillow to add to my Valentine collection. I also added a ceramic heart to finish it off.

Love Never fails is a freebie by The Primitive Hare from last year. I also made this into a pin pillow. I added a little locked charm on it because I thought with the key in the design it fit very nicely. These are my Valentine finishes for this year.

I had a request from my good friend, Robin to share my cubby. Hi Robin!!! I would have shown it sooner but was without my computer for a few days so here it is today:


Hopefully, you can see what’s in it. Mostly snowmen right now. When I change it I’ll share a new picture. So for those  that wonder why I have a love of smalls. This is why! I have a mission to fill my cubby for every season.

Well, that’s all I have for today. I am going to go stitch some now! Have a great week everyone and stay warm.



8 thoughts on “Valentine Finishes and my Cubby

  1. Hello! You were on my mind today… And then I got your post! Cool! Love the finishes for Valentines! Nicely done! And that cubby is really neat! To fill it with smalls each season is definitely a challenge! How big are the holes? It is cold and rainy here today so I’m stitching away…. Hugs!

  2. Fabulous Valentine finishes! I need to stitch the iStitch one. And thank you for sharing a picture of your cubby with us! What fun and memorable items you have filled the holes with!

  3. Such cute Valentine’s Day pillows, Maureen! And I love your cubby! Is that the Pottery Barn one? I got it for Christmas, but still haven’t hung it up… After seeing yours, I’m inspired to get to it 🙂

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog, Maureen! I am *thrilled* to find another cross stitching WordPress blog…it seems everyone is on Blogger and I have so many problems trying to comment. Anyway, I am enjoying looking at all your stitched pieces. I haven’t done a whole lot of smalls in my stitching life but I am now getting inspired! I love the cubby idea…this summer, I picked up an old A-Treat wooden cubby at a yard sale and now I’m wondering what might fit in it…

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

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