2014 Ornaments

Hello Everyone,

Christmas is almost here! Is everyone just about ready? Just want to share my 2014 ornaments. I hope to double this next year. I have a plan. (I think!) The picture is short one because I already sent it as a gift.


Here is a picture of my garland with this year’s ornaments. I had to take two pictures so you can actually see the ornaments.


I wish I could leave my trees and ornaments out all year. That’s why I put them out early so I have more time to enjoy them.

These are my ornament trees:


My collection is slowly growing. Yeah!! So my skinny tree doesn’t have lights on it because it is not near a plug but it needed something else so I made this for it:


I made a garland out of extra buttons and ribbon and wrapped it around the tree. A little extra something for the tree that fits it very nicely. It’s a little hard to see in the picture with the full tree but hopefully the one above gives you an idea.

Can’t forget our traditional Christmas tree:


Sorry, lighting is not the best. This will eventually be filled with my traditional favorites and move some of my stitched ornaments to this tree.

Last thing I wanted to show you are these fabulous ornaments my friend Robin sent me:


I adore them! Thank you so much Robin! They will always have a special place on my tree.

Merry Christmas to you all and in case this is my last post for the year, Happy New Year too. Looking forward to  great stitching in 2015.



3 thoughts on “2014 Ornaments

  1. Love your ornament garment, Maureen! All your trees look fabulous! Merry Christmas to you and yours! Best wishes for a bright 2015.

  2. All of your ornaments and trees are too cute.
    Love the skinny tree!
    Great idea with the button garland.
    Merry Christmas!

  3. You’ve been so busy creating those darling ornaments this year, Maureen–can’t wait to hear your plan for next year. I really can only handle one a month 🙂

    Wising you every happiness this Christmas!

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