Fun Ornaments


I have some fun ornaments to show you today. Madison made these ornaments to give as gifts:


She made the faces and I helped her fill the inside of them. We had such fun making these. The 2 odd ones there she made with her looming rubberbands. Those are hanging on my tree as well as one of the snowman ornaments. Now to wrap up the rest and give them away.

My next fun ornament is my 2014 orts ornament.


I am going to start doing this every year. This holds all my orts for 2014. I can tell which colors I use more. LOL! These little ornaments are bigger than I thought because  for some reason I didn’t think all my orts would fit. I like that they do though because I like to see all the colors I used in one place. Looking forward to making these every year.

That’s it for today. Finishing up some holiday stitching to show you next week.

Have a great day!



4 thoughts on “Fun Ornaments

  1. I really like the snowman ornaments that Madison created. They would have made a great class project for my classroom when I was teaching. Your ORT ornament looks great, Maureen. Are they glass or acrylic ornaments?

  2. Madison did a GREAT job on her ornaments. Kids really enjoy doing crafts. My 8 yr granddaughter is addicted to them. Pat Madison on the back for me. Happy Holidays to you, your mom and family. Hugs Donna

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