Ornaments and a great find!!!

Hello friends,

Ornaments are in full swing now! All I want to do during the holiday time is stitch ornaments so I probably will be making a bunch between now and Christmas. I already have ideas for  ornaments I am designing for next year. I have two to show you today. One is the 3rd in my Christmas Story series called A++++.


Remember when Ralphie was dreaming about the grade he was going to get on his theme and the teacher wrote A+++++++ on the chalk board and kept going onto the wall, etc. So funny! I stitched it on black linen with white floss to resemble a chalk board. I used a black and white check for the back and white rick rack for the trim. I am making a collection of these because I adore that movie. I would appreciate your feedback to this question: Should I list my Christmas Story ornaments in my etsy shop? Thanks so much in advance.

The next ornament I want to show is Lizzie Kate Love:


It is from one of the Just Cross Stitch ornament issues but I cannot remember which one. I do believe it is within the last few years because I haven’t dug that deep into my older issues yet. I am going to be sending this to a special friend for Christmas.

The last thing I wanted to show you is my great find at the antique store. I am addicted to scissor frogs now and I found this last week:


Imagine my excitement when I found not just a frog but a green one. It’s my first one and it had my name on it. Isn’t it fabulous!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Happy Stitching!!



3 thoughts on “Ornaments and a great find!!!

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of a Christmas Story collection of designs on your site! You could do them individually or as a collection. The “A+++++” is such a great idea, and it really does look like a chalkboard. Black linen is a great reason to use a white cloth on your lap!! The L*K “Love” ornament is beautiful and says it all…it’s what the season is supposed to be all about. And congratulations on the frog! Green is quite unusual. Nice job!

  2. Congratulations on your green frog acquisition! Your ornaments look super; I stitched the Love one for my husband last year (I think). I think you should offer your Christmas Story ornaments in your Etsy shop.

  3. Your Christmas Story ornament is so cute, Maureen… I never get tired of that movie–have seen it countless times 🙂

    And the LK Love ornament is darling–I really need to stitch that one, too!

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