Yeah!!! 2 Finishes

Hi all,

A quick post to share some stitchy goodness. First is Lori Brechlin’s challenge from last year. (Yes, I just got around to finishing it, I know.) Happy Halloween.


I now have a nice Happy Halloween pillow for my collection. Thank you Lori for a fabulous design. I like that I did the orange in it because it goes very well with my backing fabric. Don’t you think?

My second one is this sweet little pumpkin by the Knotted Tree:


This came from one of the Just Cross Stitch Halloween issues a few years ago. I am sorry I can’t remember which one. It has a really wild border around it but I decided to leave it off to keep it simple. The sweet little guy looks so cute on my fall tree.

I promise to post the link to my etsy shop next week. I am waiting for something so I am able to update it. I want it to be up to speed before I share it. Thanks for understanding.

Have a great weekend everyone!



6 thoughts on “Yeah!!! 2 Finishes

  1. Your fall tree must look fantastic! You have an amazing knack for picking the perfect fabric. Hmmm…maybe you could be a Personal Fabric Shopper! I am so excited about the opening of your etsy shop. Can’t wait!

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