Two New Ornaments

Hello my friends,

I hope everyone is having a productive week. If all goes well I will finally be opening my etsy shop next week. I am showing you today 2 more ornaments I am going to be listing the patterns for.

Here’s Spread Cheer:


and Tis the Season:


This is the fabric I used for them.


I actually found this really cute fabric and couldn’t resist it. I wanted to use it so bad so I designed these ornaments to go with it. Who doesn’t love chocolate, right!

I have 7 ornament patterns I am going to list among some other things. It may take a little bit to get up and running but I will let you know so you can take a look. I hope to add to it quite frequently.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!



3 thoughts on “Two New Ornaments

  1. These are great! I am impressed that you were inspired to design them when you saw that fabric. I can’t wait for your etsy site, so be sure to give us the address! Way to go! I am halfway through stitching your “Fall” freebie and it’s looking great!

  2. I am playing catch up and look what I find — new ornaments from you! Woohoo! Love them! And your backing fabric is very cool! I finished stitching your Fall complimentary design. It almost disappeared while in Williamsburg.

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