Ornaments in June!

Ahhh!! Ornaments! I just love ornaments! I have a few to show you today. The first one is by Little House Needleworks from the 2013 Just Cross Stitch ornament issue called Cozy Inn.


I love this design and I think it is adoreable but for some reason I had the hardest time stitching this. I kept making mistake after mistake and I wasn’t going to keep taking it out so I did the best I could and made up some of my own things to make it work. How does it look? When I reached a certain point on this I was thinking I just need to get this done because I want to work on something else. I am glad it is done and finished. It will still make a nice addition to my tree.

The next 2 ornaments are my designs:


HoHoHo and Noel! I plan on kitting these up and selling them in the fall. I’ll let you know when. They are a quick stitch which is great when you need a quick gift. Hmmm! I might need to make an extra one for Madison’s teacher for Christmas. Viola! One gift done. Yeah!

I will be away next week but I hopefully will be back with some stitching etc. to show so please stay tuned. So until then I hope everyone is able to stitch to your heart’s content.



4 thoughts on “Ornaments in June!

  1. What super ornaments you have created, Maureen! I like the LHN (I stitched it at the end of last year) and the two that you designed are very cool. Enjoy your week away! Looking forward to seeing what you get stitched.

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