Ornies and Other Things

Hello my friends,

How is everyone this fine day? It is rainy here which is fine because we need it. I have 2 ornies to share with you today. They are Believe:


Freebie by Daffycat Designs. I already stitched this one so I am saving this as a gift.

and Deer:


Freebie by Threadwork Primitives.

Thanks for the great freebies ladies! I have a few more ornies stitched and I just have to finish them. I wanted to see how many ornaments I can finish this year. I know there are a few people I CANNOT keep up with but I am going to keep plugging away and see how many I end up with. 🙂

So, I waited and waited and waited and guess what FINALLY came…


Yes, my new kit for the Shepherd’s Bush fold. HOORAY!!!!! Can’t wait to get started. It seems like I waited a lifetime for this to come. As I said this was a birthday gift from my parents. My loving and generous mom also bought the scissors and sheath to go with it. She also included one of the LHN patterns I don’t have from the Hometown Holidays series which is the church. Ahh!! Happiness is when get stitchy things in the mail to make a day complete.

I am going to end my post today with a picture of Madison playing in her school concert last night:


This picture is actually before they started and they were practicing. When they started there was a little girl that sat in front of her so I wouldn’t have gotten a good picture.

She played the violin this year and although she got tired of it, she finished the year and did really well at the concert. They all did a great job. next year she wants to do chorus. She loves to sing.

Hope everyone has a great week filled with lots of stitching!



3 thoughts on “Ornies and Other Things

  1. Great finishing on the ornaments.
    Love the felt backing.
    Have fun with The Fold, it’s a gorgeous set.
    Your daughter looks so cute playing the violin.

  2. Both of your newest ornaments are so cute, Maureen! I think designers are so generous with their freebies… And your new kit looks like such fun–I’ll bet you can’t wait to start on it…

    Ah…the school concerts! With three boys all in band I can’t even tell you how many concerts I attended through the years… Let’s see two a year for 10 years times three boys equals 60! Wow–and that’s not counting all of the marching band parades and half-time shows 🙂 I hope your daughter sticks with her music in some way–it is a great group to be involved with…

  3. Lovely finished ornaments, Maureen! I really like how you have finished them! Enjoy the next project of The Fold. Congratulations to your daughter for sticking it out for the year with the violin.

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