SAVE and Babies

Hello my friends,

How was everyone’s weekend. Mine was good and the street sale was a success. We sold alot more than we expected. Now since that is over it is time to get back to stitching and blogging.  I finished up this little box….


I designed SAVE for the top and put chenille trim around it. I covered the box with money fabric. It turned out pretty cute! I figure I could use it to stash away money now and then. I might forget about it and then what a surprise to find money I forgot I had. Woo Hoo!! Stash money!!

I am making another one and will probably save for a future RAK.

I also wanted to show you the baby geese I told you about in my last post.


Aren’t they adoreable! I wish I could hold one but I am sure the mommy’s and daddy’s would attack me. A picture will do! I walk here regularly so it will be fun to see them grow.

That’s it for today!

Have a great day my friends!




4 thoughts on “SAVE and Babies

  1. Your little Save box is cute and clever.
    The babies are so cute, aren’t they?
    When I got to work the other day, Momma duck came along with 12 babies!!
    I watched them all waddle down the hill and into the pond, so cute.

  2. Wow, Maureen! Your Save box is simply adorable. Glad your street sale was a success. The baby geese are precious.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Very cute, Maureen!! Those babies are cute, but I’m afraid I don’t feel the same about the adult geese. Two have taken up residence at our pond and are making just a terrible mess back there… I sure hope they don’t have that many babies or we’ll really be in trouble!

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