Since I don’t really have anything to show you today, I thought I would share my progress on the Shepherd’s Fold.


I am off to a slow start because I am working on so many other things and have multiple non-stitching distractions.  Not sure why I do that to myself!

I hope to speed it up very soon. I am enjoying working on it and seeing it come together. My 2nd kit is going to be coming soon so I better get going.

I am participating in a street sale on Thursday so I will be back next week with hopefully a finish or two. I have been very busy gathering things for the sale. I was hoping my house would look a little less cluttered but for some reason it does not. Sigh!!!

I went for a walk today and the geese have had their babies. So adoreable!! I did not have my camera so my next walk I will be sure to bring it and snap a few pictures of the babies to show you. There was so many of them!

Have a great week everyone!



3 thoughts on “Progress

  1. You are off to a good start on your SB piece! Yay Maureen! Hope your street sale goes well for you.

    Have a good rest of the week!

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