Finally Some Finishes

Hello dear stitching friends,

I am sorry I did not get to post my finishes on Thursday like I said I was going to but I did have good intentions. The day just got away from me. What else is new! Here I am now to show my recent finishes.

First up is Spring Spell by Just Nan:


I received this as a kit from my good friend Erika for my birthday. I just had to get it stitched up in time for spring. I just love the little frame it comes with. It is the only spring ornament on my little tree. I will have to work on that.

Next are 2 ornaments that I have finished:


The deer I finished as a pillow ornament and put chenille trim on it. I used a green gingham fabric on the back. This was a freebie from Niky’s Creations. The sheep ornament I finished in a small wooden hoop and put black felt on the back. I put a ribbon and bow at the top. I love how this one turned out. This was a freebie by the Little Stitcher. Gotta love those freebies!!!

There you have it! 3 down and who knows how many to go. Sometimes I think I stitch faster than I finish and then everything piles up because time to finish is a rare commodity. Eventually they will get done.

Before I go I wanted to ask you all about kits. I am thinking of  making kits and wondered what everyone likes in kits. Your feedback would be great. Do you like just fabric and threads? Do you like fabric and threads and everything to finish it?  Why do you buy kits and what are you willing to spend on kits?

Thanks in advance for your input!

Have a great day!



4 thoughts on “Finally Some Finishes

  1. Super finishes, Maureen! Hmmm…kits! I prefer charts versus kits or charts with threads. I am not fond of kits with fabric because I am picky about fabric and often times switch out the kit fabric to something I prefer.

  2. Congratulations on your fabulous finishes! They look great! Are you doing an ornament a month for Christmas again this year? If so, you’re doing great! And I love the idea of a Spring Tree!!!!

    I like the idea of a kit with everything included if it contains specialty threads and linen. If it’s a kit with aida, then I won’t buy it, because I use linen 99% of the time now. I am willing to pay more for a kit with specialty threads and linen. Once at a retreat I won a Bent Creek kit with a little piece of linen and some sorted, hand-dyed threads. The original price was $21. I thought that was a bit steep, and I was glad I’d gotten it free. But I would have gladly paid that price if the design was a little bigger and the linen was bigger. (The design was about 2 inches square.) One nice thing is if designers have options for stitchers, like a kit with linen, a kit with aida, or just a chart. I hope that helps and wasn’t too wordy! :0)

  3. Your Just Nan is too cute.
    Great job on the ornaments.
    I like the little mini kits with small designs, and a piece of fabric and floss.
    Kind of like when a freebie is kitted up.

  4. Your JN is adorable, Maureen–I’m always amazed at how many different colors she uses in her designs. And your ornaments are very cute, too. I still have quite a few unfinished ornaments laying about, too–just don’t seem to have enough hours in the day to finish them.

    I’m not one for buying kits as I almost always use different fabrics than is suggested, but some like kits because everything is all there, ready to stitch!

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