A Stitching Pocket and Some Experimenting

Hello friends,
I have a stitching pocket to show you today that I made.
stitchin time
It’s a small pocket which is perfect for scissors, pins, or threads. I figure I could make different sizes too. Depending on the size of the design. On this I actually picked out the fabric first and then worked around that. I really like how it turned out and plan to make more.

So on to experimenting:

I have wanted to experiment with the aging process.( Just with fabric, not on myself LOL!) When I went to Hobby Lobby and asked for the walnut crystals everyone uses, they looked at me like I had 10 heads. I did end up finding walnut ink but when I opened it I found out that it is one of those that you kind of roll it on. I tried it with this little piece.
Although I didn’t like the aging with the roll on ink, I still wanted to make this into something so since it is small I decided on a thread keep. The year is actually the day and year that my husband and I met. Just some random year but actually has meaning for me.
I did go back to Hobby Lobby and got ink pads instead so I am going to try those next. I feel I will have more control with those. I’ll keep you posted.

Have a great stitching week my friends!



2 thoughts on “A Stitching Pocket and Some Experimenting

  1. Your stitching pocket is very cute, Maureen. I often pick the fabric first and then the colors of threads, too–that way you get a nicely coordinated finish 🙂

    I’m so impressed that you remember the exact date that you met your husband–the key chain is very cute!

  2. Love your stitching pocket (psst…you can also stick a gift card in the pocket) and your experimenting. Your thread ring is cool!

    Enjoy your week!

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