The time has finally come that I am able to offer my first freebie. YEAH!!! It is my way of thanking you all for reading my blog and leaving me such wonderful and encouraging comments. I appreciate each and everyone of you.
Here is Hot Cocoa!
I finished it as a small pillow that sits in my cubby and I changed the mug color and finished it as a jar wrap to put hot cocoa mix in. It is a super quick stitch and I thought we could all use some warm hot cocoa stitching on these very cold winter days. I stitched it on 28 ct. sand but feel free to stitch on fabric and use thread of your choice.

To receive a copy of this design please email me at I do work part time and don’t have personal computer access at work. I will be sure to get it to you that night or the next day.

Please be patient with me. Since this is my first try on the new program it is a work in progress. Practice makes perfect! It is not as centered as I would like but the measurements are correct. I wanted to offer it before it’s Spring. LOL!

Please respect my copyright and do not upload my design to any website or share with other people. If anyone would like a copy please send them here to my blog and I would be happy to send it to them.
My designs are going to be published as PDF. You must have the free adobe reader or similar installed on you computer to print my patterns.

I hope everyone enjoys this little quick stitch. Please email me your finishes. I would love to see them and share them on my blog.
Hope everyone has a great week! Some snow is coming so I hope to get lots of stitching done.

Happy Stitching


6 thoughts on “Freebie

  1. This is the cutest design…..thanks so much for sharing it with us and I wish you success in your upcoming designs! You go girl:0

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE this! I am going to e-mail you right now…thanks so much for sharing your creativity with us! And thanks also for giving us two finishing options. Too cute!!!! And we’re expecting snow this weekend…time t buy some hot chocolate before the stores run out!!!

  3. That is such a cute design, Maureen and it can be finished off in so many different ways 🙂 Very cute–and perfect for this cold winter we’ve had this year!!

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