Oldies but Goodies and Something New

Hello friends,

I hope everyone is staying warm today. It is VERY cold here and snowing. Glad it is my day off today. I am excited and a little embarassed to show you today two projects that I have had stitched for several years. I am not sure how this started but I have been finishing alot of things I have had stitched but never finished. It wasn’t even a new year’s resolution but am glad I am doing it. I see these now finished and think to myself, ahh! now I can enjoy it. So with out further ado:
This I remember stitching while I was pregnant with Madison so some of you know how old it is. My intention was to stitch a few a these and place them in a wreath for Christmas. My mom made one for a friend one year and I thought it was really cool. Well, needless to say, I made one and half of one which is still in my stash. This is in a Leisure Arts book but cannot remember which one. So it is now finished and I will either include it in my ornament collection or still buy a wreath but a small one and hang it in there.
#2 is this:
This was actually a retreat project from A Stitcher’s Retreat in 2002. I don’t even think these exist anymore. In my opinion, they weren’t as good as Dyeing to Stitch anyway. This design was by Heart in Hand and for the longest time I was going to frame it. I was awake one night and thought why do I need to frame it. I will just do this and hang it up. Viola! Finally after 12 years it has a life!
I have another oldie but I will save that for another post.

My something new which I am so excited about came in the mail last Friday. It is:
The Bountiful Blessings kit I purchased form Threadwork Primitives. I can not wait to get this started and has everything in the kit to stitch and finish it. Thanks so much Nan for putting together such a wonderful kit.
That’s it for today!
Stay warm my friends wherever you are!



2 thoughts on “Oldies but Goodies and Something New

  1. Oh my goodness, Maureen, don’t be embarrassed! Be happy! You are such a good example. You show us that things WILL get finished, and that the passage of time gives us better ideas, like not framing the “Hands to Work” piece. I love them both! On the “Hands to Work” one, did you mount it on wool? Or is that two colors of big rickrack? I’m asking because I love it and want to imitate it! And have fun with your Bountiful Blessings kit. I’m glad that you treated yourself! Something new to do in the snow!

  2. Love both of your latest finished projects, Maureen! And now you can truly enjoy them in your home! Enjoy your Bountiful Blessings project.

    Stay warm!

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