Special Surprises

Hello friends,

Happy New Year to everyone!!!
Well, I am one year older and wanted to share some special stitchy gifts I received. From my friend, Erika, I received the Just Nan Spring Spell Kit:
I can’t wait to stitch this! It included the little frame and Erika included the piece of fabric which goes perfectly. Thanks so much Erika!
And this is from my mom:
She signed me up for the Shepherd’s Bush Fold 2014. YAHOO!!! This is a gift to enjoy the whole year. I will get a kit to stitch up every other month. They are accessories to fill a box. My favorite thing! Teri sent this certificate to my mom to give to me. Isn’t it sweet! Check out the Shepherd’s Bush website to learn more about it. I am so excited!

I’ll have some stitching soon. I have a bunch of things to finish.
I also would like to offer freebies on my blog this year so I have been working on that. Does anyone have any suggestions on an online cross stitch program to use?
That’s all for today. Thanks for reading!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!


5 thoughts on “Special Surprises

  1. Wow! What great birthday presents!!! I’ve signed up for the SB Fold at The Attic so I will be stitching it this year as well. Happy belated birthday and Happy Stitching all year long!

  2. Oh my gosh, what an awesome mom you have! I look forward to seeing your creations!!! I’ve heard that Jane Greenoff’s cross stitch charting program is excellent. She’s from England. I can find more info if you want. It would be so much fun to stitch your designs!

  3. What fabulous gifts you received from your friend and from your Mom! Looking forward to seeing your finishes this year!

    I don’t have any recommendations for a charting program, but look forward to stitching up your designs.

  4. Really love your birthday gifts, Maureen! My birthday is coming up this week, too! (But, I’m A LOT older than you!!)

    Wishing you a very happy year ahead 🙂

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