A few more…

Hello my friends,
How are everyone’s holiday preparations coming? 6 more days! Hee Hee!!
Well I finished up a few more things I wanted to show you. First, I want to ask who remembers the TV show Emergency! from the 1970’s. I am dating myself now. Not good! Anyway, my husband loves firetrucks and loves that show. Believe it or not it is on the air on MeTV and he still enjoys watching it. So I made these for him:
I couldn’t resist! I found the fabric on ebay. I am sure he will get a kick out it.
Next is the Dear Dog freebie from the Sampler Girl:
When I saw this I knew I had to stitch it up for my little Perry. I had the perfect fabric for it that I bought a while ago for something else. It has dog bones and paw prints on it. So cute! Now Perry has his little ornament on the tree.
Last thing I have for today is Good Tidings to You:
This was in the 2012 Just Cross Stitch ornament issue and is by The Sampler Girl. I made this for my mom because I made her join my ornament exchange. She loves it and plans on making mine later on. Which is fine, no hurry.
I received one of my ornaments for my ornament exchange so I hope to post that next week before the holiday.
So until then I hope everyone has a great weekend.



2 thoughts on “A few more…

  1. I love your Emergency ornaments (and yes, I remember it well). Your husband will be thrilled. Great job on the two designs from The Sampler Girl.

  2. You are a stitching machine! Well done! Perry will be so pleased that he was included. Oh my gosh, I LOVED Emergency when I was a kid! I had the biggest crush on Kevin Tighe, and I wanted to be a fireman (there were no “fire fighters” in the 1970’s, LOL!). Your stitching is s inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

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