2013 Ornaments

Hello friends,
I am very excited today to show you my 2013 ornaments in all their glory:
Sorry about the picture. The garland is long so I tried to get it as even as possible, if you look close enough they are all there. I can’t believe I actually did something I said I was going to do. LOL! It is probably my only New’s Year’s goal of 2013 that I accomplished. Better than nothing!
I also wanted to show you my little ornament tree:
I bought it last year to hold my stitched ornaments. I know I will have to upgrade or add a new one in a few years but it is great for right now. I have a small house so skinny trees are the best.I don’t have lights on it so I have more room for my ornaments. I will need every branch on this tree.

I have been thinking and I am going to see how many ornaments I can make in 2014. I’ll have my 12 and then I’ll have extra for gifts or whatever I want. I’ll keep you posted.

Since we are on the topic of ornaments, I am curious to know what your favorite ornament is and why?
Here is mine,although I LOVE all my ornaments I am partial to this one:
This is one of my oldest ornaments given to me in 1974. I was 3 years old and my friend, Doug, who lived next door was 2 years old.We ( or should I say our mothers) exchanged gifts at Christmas. He gave me this bird’s nest( made by his mother of course). The verse with it read: It is an old Swedish tradition that a golden bird’s nest and egg on your Christmas tree will bring you health, happiness and good fortune in the New Year. This I wish for you.
This sweet bird’s nest still has a special spot on my Christmas tree. Doug and I are still friends today although we don’t see each other too often. He lives out of state with his own family.

Hope to hear about your favorite ornament! I think every ornament has a little story to it.

Happy Christmas Stitching!



4 thoughts on “2013 Ornaments

  1. Your garland and your skinny tree with your ornaments are both fabulous, Maureen! Thank you for sharing your favorite ornament and its story with us.

  2. I do have a favorite one! It is a little Kewpie doll one that my mother crocheted a little dress with wings in the back. It always goes on my tree even if it is NOT purple! Maybe I have shown it on my blog in times past. The rest of my ‘regular’ ornies are languishing in a box. Not that I don’t like them but I’m into theme trees right now! Hugs!

  3. Gorgeous! I have a birds nest on my tree too πŸ™‚ with four little eggs representing my four little birds πŸ™‚
    My whole blog this 25 days before Christmas is about my favorite ornaments! LOL! πŸ™‚

  4. Isn’t it wonderful to see all of your hard work displayed on the garland, Maureen! I’m so proud of you for reaching your goal and making such pretty ornaments!!

    How nice that you and Doug are still friends–such a sweet ornament πŸ™‚

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