Ornaments Galore and the Big 10

Hello friends,
You’re probably getting sick of all my posts being ornaments. Sorry about that. I just go crazy during the Christmas season with making ornaments. I just love them. So without further ado here are 2 of my newest creations:
Peace on Earth and an Elf Stocking!
Peace on Earth I stitched up and trimmed with chenille(my favorite) and put a star at the top. So cute! I listed this on ebay just to see what would happen. I also listed a candy cane pin I made last year. Wish me luck!

An elf stocking is my last ornament for the year. #12 Woo Hoo!!! I made this design and when I was thinking of colors one of my friends at work suggested I do blue and silver. I gave it a try and absolutely love how this turned out. My friend liked it so much that she ordered one from me. It was so fun to stitch that I don’t mind making multiples.
I have some more ornaments in the works so this may or may not be my last ornament post. So sorry! Just bare with me and I assure you, you won’t be dissappointed.

I am going to end this post today with a picture my baby girl and her best bud on her 10th birthday. Her birthday was Monday, Dec. 2 and although she had to go to school, she had a great day. I can’t believe my girl is 10 already. Where does the time go!

Not to panic anyone but 3 more weeks till Christmas!

Have a great weekend!


3 thoughts on “Ornaments Galore and the Big 10

  1. Love your ornaments, Maureen! I never get tired of seeing ornaments or stitching them. So, bring them on! Happy belated birthday wishes to your daughter.

    Have a wonderful weekend! Stay warm!

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