Today I have 4 ornaments to show you. I think I am right on track for my 12 ornaments for this year. Yeah!! I have 2 more to finish and 2 more to stitch. However, I have to tell you that I cheated this month and am using an ornament I made last year. Oh good!! I feel better now that I got that off my chest. I am starting my Christmas things and just know that I am going to run out of time. I need about 30 hours in a day. 24 just isn’t enough. Right!!
Now onto some ornaments:
This is my Ohh …. ornament based on The Christmas Story movie. Now we all know he said thee word not fudge. LOL! This is my all time favorite Christmas movie and decided to design an ornament from the movie each year to add to my collection. This is my second one.

Here are the next 3 I have done. I am terribly sorry that the one at the top is hard to see. It is Lizzie Kate called Peace and it is from a Just Cross Stitch ornament issue. I cannot remember which one but I am pretty sure it is an older one. I go through my issues to find ornaments to stitch. When I am done I put the issues back and then I can’t remember which one it was from. Anyone else have that problem? 🙂
At the bottom is Merry Xmas which was a freebie from the Little Stitcher. What is also hard to see in the picture is I added little rusty bells at the top of this ornament. If you look closely you can see them a little. The left one is A Child is Born which was a freebie from Primitive Betty. I am very happy with them.
You will find alot of the ornaments I finish are trimmed with rick rack. One of my favorites! Chenille and rick rack are my favorites. I will try and spruce it up a bit but it is hard to get away from what you love to use. Wouldn’t you agree?

That’s it for today! I’ll be back soon with my other 2 ornaments and another finish. Hopefully, next week if I can get my act together. 🙂

Happy Stitching!



6 thoughts on “Ornaments

  1. Beautiful ornaments. I love to stitch, but to complete them as an ornament doesn,t seem to be in me. Keep up the good work Bea

  2. Wow! You are really on a roll! I love your original design. I totally agree that it is tough to keep track of designs in all those magazines! But once it awhile it’s fun to sit down in a big pile of them and remind myself of all the designs I want to stitch! And don’t worry about sticking with rickrack and chenille—go with what you love. They look GREAT!!

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