A slice of my heaven


Hello friends,

There is a story behind the designs you see here and the story actually started before I was born. In 1956 my grandfather built a small cottage on Wellesley Island at the 1000 Islands. my family which consists of my parents, 2 brothers, my sister and I would spend several times every summer there. My aunt and cousins would be with us as well. We would have such fun and have so many wonderful memories when we were kids and even now. It was my most favorite place to go and to this day it still is. (I love it more than the beach.) Although because of my work schedule I don’t get up there as much as I’d like. I hope that will change soon.
Because I love it so much I decided to design different patterns to share my love of the 1000 Islands. I have developed quite the list! There is so much history there and I have so many memories that the possibilities are endless. So I am going to design 2-3 patterns a year. Mostly for personal use but if everyone likes them I may make them available or even put them in my future etsy shop.
So my 1st two designs are The River and Boldt Castle. The River I mounted on a wooden boat I found at the thrift store and put chenille trim around it. That is a blue heron in the middle of the design in case you were wondering. They like to come and sit on the neighbor’s dock so I thought he fit very nicely in there. I just love how it turned out. Boldt Castle I just backed with matching felt and used fudge chenille around it. I love this one too. You will probably see a few Boldt Castle designs because this is one of my favorite stories of the 1000 Islands.
George Boldt began building this castle in 1900 on the island he re named as Heart Island as a Valentine’s day gift for his wife. In January 1904 with the castle almost complete, Louise Boldt died suddenly at age 41. A distraught George halted construction and never set foot on the island again.
For many years the castle sat neglected and finally in 1977, the property was bought by the Thousand Islands bridge Authority. $15 million dollars and several years later the castle was reopened as a tourist attraction. It definitely is an amazing place to visit. I hope you enjoyed my story today and if you are still reading I really appreciate it. Please let me know what you think. I welcome all feedback and appreciate your comments.
Have a great week!



2 thoughts on “A slice of my heaven

  1. One of my must-see places is the 1000 Islands… I’ve only driven over the river a few times and was fascinated to see all those tiny islands dotting the water–and many with their own little cottage. So beautiful! Your designs are a wonderful way to celebrate your love of the area, Maureen!! The mounting on the wooden boat is such a cute idea…

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