Mermaid and Life is Better

So I just got around to finishing my Nags Head projects. First up is the mermaid pattern from the little stitcher. I showed it in a previous post unfinished and VIOLA!!! Here it is finished. The next one is my design to commemorate my parents’ 50th anniversary and our trip to the beach. I love how it turned out. I finished both as little pillows to fit in my cubby. I received my cubby a few years ago and still am making things to fill it. That’s why I have been on a smalls kick lately. It’s good because I have a thing for smalls anyway!
I am dissappointed that no one has left me any names from my last post. I guess I’ll have to come up with a name myself and maybe I’ll go pick out a prize for myself as well! I can think of 1 million things I would like.
That’s it for today so I can get back to my stack of finishing. I have also begun my fall stitching so I have a feeling my stack will be never ending. I started Matilda Hornbuckle by Lori at Notforgotten Farm and can’t wait to finish her.

Have a great stitchy week!!



3 thoughts on “Mermaid and Life is Better

  1. I love your new finishes! I know that your cubby is looking great! And I just knew that you’d love Matilda Hornbuckle…isn’t she cute?!!

    I didn’t enter the contest yet because I was still thinking…so far all I have are…

    1. Chateloop (like a chatelaine, only with loops)
    2. Stitcher’s Necklace
    3. Neck Dangler
    4. Stitcher’s Extra Hands

    However, I feel that there is another name right out in front of me that is perfect for your beautiful creation….I hope that I think of it!

    By the way, I love how you commemorate events with your stitching. It’s like a stitched scrapbook!

  2. Very cute finishes, Maureen! We just got back from the Outer Banks last week. Have gone every year for the past 29 years… Most years we’ve stayed in Nags Head, but this year we were up in Corolla. So glad you enjoyed your vacation 🙂

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