Stitching Tools


Hi all,
I just wanted to show you my latest creation. I actually made one several months ago for myself and I love it. You put it around your neck, one end holds scissors(lightweight scissors works best) and the other end has a needle threader and thread picker together. You can detach these when you are using them if you prefer. I recently used mine when I was traveling and it was great. I didn’t lose anything in my seat because it was all around my neck.:)
I thought I would offer them up for sale now instead of waiting until I open my etsy shop. They are $35.00 +($5.00 for shipping). If anyone is interested please send me an email @ and we will make arrangements.
I also would like to have a little contest. I am having a bit of trouble coming up with a name for this little beauty and I would like your help. Hence, the reason for the contest. What do you think I should call this? This is the question I am asking all of you. Enter as many names as you like on this post only!!!! Whose ever name I choose will win a special prize.( not sure what that is yet but I will come up with something good.) I will collect the names and I already have some voters lined up to help me. I will announce the name and winner on Tuesday, September 3.

Thanks for your help and good luck!!

Happy Stitching!



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