Outer banks and Mermaids


Hello, I am back from a few fabulous days at the beach. The weather wasn’t the greatest but I was at the beach so who cares! LOL! I LOVE the beach! Here is a picture of the family having a fabulous breakfast. My aunt and uncle are not in the picture. My aunt is actually taking the picture. I hope no one minds being on my blog. Most of them don’t read my blog so they will never know. Hee Hee!! This house is where we stayed. if you make the picture bigger you can see everyone waving to me. This is the part that faced the beach.

I didn’t do any stitching while I was there but did manage to stitch the mermaids in the car and finish on the way home. It is a freebie by the little stitcher from last year.It will accompany another little mermaid I have. A very quick stitch.

Well, back to get some stitching done. I’ll hopefully have some finished to show soon.

Happy Stitching!!



One thought on “Outer banks and Mermaids

  1. Hi there! Thanks for sharing your fun time! I made the breakfast picture bigger, too, so I could see your happy face. I think that’s Madison across from you? Good for you for stitching the sweet mermaids in the car! I’m impressed!

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