Summer finishes

Hello on this close to summer day. It is the last day of 3rd grade today(wiping tears). We now have a fourth grader and I am not sure where the last 3 years went. Madison will be a little teary eyed when she gets home I am sure.
I wanted to show a few quick things I finally finished up. I had stitched both of these last year. The flip flops are a little pattern from Sam Sarah and came with cute little star buttons to put on. The summer one was a kit from Lizzie Kate. So cute! I just love it!

Since that is all I have to show right now I wanted to end with a couple pictures of Madison’s Taekwondo class. She loves it. I am sorry the pictures didn’t turn out so well. She is second on the right in the standing one and the other one she is facing the camera somewhat. I’ll try to get some better pictures next time. She is almost at the point of getting the next level belt. You go girl!!!

Have a great day everyone!!



3 thoughts on “Summer finishes

  1. A fourth grader! Oh, my goodness! Congratulations AND Kleenex are definitely in order! Big hugs to both of you!
    And I love your finishes…nice job! I love the buttons on both of them!

  2. Our kids really do grow up way too quickly, Maureen–enjoy every moment with your sweet daughter! Hope she makes next level very soon 🙂

    Your summery finishes are so cute. I need to work on more of those myself! I have tons of Christmas and fall finishes, but summer is severely lacking!! Enjoy your week 🙂

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