Check this out! I FINALLY finished the Travelling Stitcher. If you can see in the picture it has been stitched since 2009. ( I am a little embarrassed to say that.) But alas, it is finished and some things are worth the wait. I love it. I put some buttons on the corners to hide some imperfections.

I also finally finished another LHN ornament called Winter. I love this one too and can’t wait to finish with the fabric shown. it is going to look great.

That’s it for today so I can get some stitching done. I have so many projects going, the problem is I can’t stitch them fast enough to show on here.(sigh!!)

To all the mothers out there I hope you have a very Happy Mother’s Day and here’s hoping we get pampered all day long. I know, I’m dreaming! I least expect to stitch without interruptions.



6 thoughts on “Stitching!!!!

  1. Enjoy your Mother’s Day! I hope that you have a day full of stitching bliss. I LOVE (repeat: Love!) your pieces in today’s blog post. Congratulations! They are beautiful!

  2. Oh, how cute, Maureen–such darling finishes!! I hope you have a very special Mother’s Day with your daughter and mom today 🙂

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