Finishes Yeah!!!!


Hello all,

I am back from vacation, refreshed and ready to get stitching. Still waiting for the weather to get warm and STAY warm. How about you?
I finally have a few things to share. I finished 2 more of Marly’s pears. Now I have 3 all together so I now need to get them finished so I can enjoy them. I hope to do all of them because I just think they are adorable. The next picture shows my 2 bunnies. The one on the right was a recent freebie from Primitive Bettys. Isn’t it cute! I did it on aida which I don’t normally do anymore but when I am travelling in the car I have found linen to be too difficult and I make too many mistakes. I MUST stitch in the car so I guess I am forced to work on aida when travelling. Oh well!
The last picture is a design I did for the coffee lover in my house. No, it is not me. No matter how many times I try coffee for some reason I just can’t stand the taste of it. Not even flavored coffee can I drink. I have to drink diet coke to get my caffeine intake. When people say “That’s not good for you.” I have to say what is really good for you these days. Not much!!!
Anyway, this tiny little pillow is in a basket in my kitchen and is adoreable.

I am thinking of learning another craft. In addition to stitching of course because that I could never give up. But what am I thinking! How am I going to find time to do another craft? Maybe I’ll have to quit my job to have more time. LOL!
When I get started I will share it on here. I have to get supplies first. In the meantime I will kepp stitching!!!

Hope it is getting warmer where ever you are!!

Happy Stitching!



One thought on “Finishes Yeah!!!!

  1. Your newest finishes are so cute, Maureen–really love the ABC one with the big tulip on it 🙂

    I feel the same way about the weather–it is nice one day and then freezing the next. I know you have had some horrible weather up your way this spring from talking to my mom. Hope it improves soon!!

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