Finally! Something to show!


Hello friends,

Hope everyone is well! I finally have a few things to show. First is this cute bird. I absolutely adore it! it was a freebie from the little stitcher and such a quick stitch. It just took me a little longer to finish. Once I finished though I fell in love with it. he is so cute and looks great in my cubbie. Once I fill my cubbie I will show you all a picture. If you love freebies which I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t go over to the little stitcher and check them out.

The next 2 patterns I made myself. Titanic I did because my daughter has been reading alot about the Titanic. It has been fasinating her and it has always fasinated me that a ship that big could sink. So to honor the ship of dreams I stitched this small up. 101 years ago this year which sounds really weird to say that. It almost seems impossible that it was that long ago.
I have been on a kick lately remembering years past and remembering things that I grew up with that I miss. Forinstance this next pattern I did is to remember one of the greatest actresses of our time. She is Lucille Ball. I adored her. She was the funniest lady I have ever watched. I put the year she was born and died. I picked a butterfly because I read that when she was on screen she always had a butterfly on. It could be a clip in her hair or on her clothes or on her purse. There was always a butterfly somewhere on her which I thought was interesting. It makes me want to watch I Love Lucy to check it out. Her favorite colors were grey and yellow. my daughter attended a birthday party a few years back. I think they were about 7 and her little friend had an I Love Lucy party. They watched the chocolate episode which is one of my favorites. Hysterical!!! The party favors were little tins of that very episode with choclates inside. So cute! I think it’s great that she is still so popular today even with kids that young. I’d rather they watch that then what’s on TV for kids today.
Anyway, sorry if I bored anyone and hopefully your still reading. The last one I have are a few easter things. The 2 chicks I did arefrom The Sampler Girl. A freebie of course but they are supposed to be one piece. I decided to do them separate and I only did 2 of them instead of 3. The little egg in the middle I did. I don’t like how it turned out so that is a work in progress. I have to work on sewing odd shapes.:)

I have a few things stitched which I realized haven’t shown. I may do that Thursday if I have time because it may be a while before I finish them. I know what your thinking… I said that last time that I would be back Thursday and I wasn’t. So Sorry!!! that’s why i threw in the if I have time. You never know!!

Happy Spring Stitching!!!



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