Just a few…


Hi all,

Just 2 things quick to share today. First is Snow gazer. Isn’t he just adoreable. He was a kit I have had for quite some time. Since I love snowmen, I thought I am going to do about 2 a year to add to my collection. I am working on the second one now. I’ll show that later. I am trying to use kits and projects I have had waiting in the wings so as to use fabric and threads that are just sitting there. If I was to stick with what I say, I wouldn’t have to buy anything for a couple years. Now we all know that is not going to happen. A stitcher not buying stash that they don’t need. Ha! Get real!!
Anyway, I just went off on a tangent, sorry! Snow Gazer is a Heart in Hand kit. The next one is a freebie from The Primitive Hare. I am addicted to the Primitive Hare. I have several of her patterns lined up to do this year.

Well that’s it for today. It’s very cold and snowy here so i am going to kit up some projects and do some stitching and blog reading until school gets out.

Hope everyone is staying warm and getting lots of stitching done!



12 thoughts on “Just a few…

  1. Lovely, lovely pieces! You have reminded me that I really need to get cracking on some Valentine’s decorations!!! And thanks for a great idea…I hadn’t thought about kitting up my charts in advance, so they are ready for me to stitch. Brilliant!

    1. Thanks Myra! I really like snow gazer too. I have to check my stash and see if I have more like him to stitch up. Would you like the pattern? I probably wouldn’t stitch him again. If you want it it’s yours. Let me know and I will send it too you.

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