Some gifts and finished stitching!

Hello all,
I have a bunch of things to share with you today. My pictures were posting funky today so they are a little out of order from what I planned on. That’s Ok though because you’d see it at some point anyway. First is Mr. Snowman made by Madison and her Dad. Dad is so good to her because Mom doesn’t like to go out in the snow but Dad doesn’t mind taking her out to have fun. I just take the pictures to capture the moments. Mr. Snowman is melting a little today but I am sure we will have a few more before winter is over.

Next is my #8 LHN ornament- It’s Snow Cold. Isn’t he just adoreable! I love him! He is in my cubby right now so I can enjoy him for a little while.

The next 2 are designs I made for the recent tragedies we had last month. Fallen heroes is in honor of the West Webster Firefighters that were killed on dec. 24. I also included their initials. The Sweet Angels I showed in a previous post but now it is finished. It is in honor of the victims of the Sandy Hook tragedy on Dec. 14. It is kind of my therapy to get such awful things in this world and to know that they will never be forgotten.

Well, on a happier note I received a few gifts for my Birthday. First I received a few stitchy things from my mom. (A few other things to but I thought I would show the fun stitchy things) This wonderful pincushion my mom made from Blackbird Designs-Remember Me. I was actually going to stitch this because I love the pattern. Now I don’t have too. YIPPEE!! One thing off my list. Still about 1 billion others things on there but who’s counting! The cute little kit called Wendy Witch. She is going to look so cute this Halloween. The new Emily scissors and I had to show you the socks she knitted because she worked so hard on them and has been working on them for a VERY long time. Thanks so much Mom! They are great! They keep my feet so warm I wish I didn’t have to take them off, but I do realize they have to be washed now and then. Curses!! The next gift was from my good friend,Erika. She sent these the same time she sent my Christmas gifts since my birthday is so soon after Christmas. I waited to open them and did pretty well I think. I had to open them a few days before my Birthday because they were calling my name and telling me to open them. I finally had to give in. I could not control myself any longer.
She gave me this sweet kit with a little basket. Super cute! Some beads and a sweet little button. The button I actually put on one of my stitching bags. It looks adoreable! Thanks so much Erika!

I hope everyone had wonderful holidays full of friends and families. Now we can start looking forward to Spring.LOL!
Now, since it is winter I need to get some serious stitching done. How about you?
This a longer post for me so thanks for sticking with me!


5 thoughts on “Some gifts and finished stitching!

  1. Thanks so much for sharing! It’s always so inspirational to see you work. I love your memory pieces that brought beauty out of tragedy. You are a talented designer!

    I’m glad you liked your presents…now I need to get stitching so I can give you something handmade next time, LOL!

    Tell Madison she looks like a Snow Princess! What a little beauty!

  2. Madison and her dad made such a cute snowman, Maureen–love his little “heart!”

    And your pillows are so pretty–the memorial ones are such a nice idea, too.

    Happy Belated birthday to you–mine is next week, too. Not the best time to have a birthday, is it?! Anyway…nice gifts from Erika and your mom–enjoy 🙂

  3. Happy Belated Birthday! Looks like you have had some snow up there… And we are supposed to be having 70 degree weather this weekend. We didnt quite make that today–55… I SO wanted to warm up… Your finishes are lovely Maureen! Hugs!

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