A gift, New Year’s starts and Prayers


Hope everyone had a great Christmas!!

This is a quick little post because I am trying to get some sort of order in my house. Stuff is everywhere and that bugs me. I wanted to share with you the sweet gift I received from my good friend Erika. A cross stitch kit, some graph paper for some new designs and the sweet snowman who is adorable. He immediately went on my tree. Also the little pocket with the chocolate in it is so cute. Thank you so much Erika. I want you to know that my Birthday gifts are still under the tree waiting until next week. It’s so hard!! Madison keeps saying open them! I will send you a note after that. You are so thoughtful and I am so glad we are friends.

Next are my New Year’s starts.  LHN’s Season of Love ornament. It’s so cute! Also Heart in hand Snow Gazer. I picked snowmen because A. I love them and B. We are getting walloped with snow today so I thought it would be appropriate. They are so cute I can’t wait to start them.

On a more somber note, I wanted to ask everyone to pray for the fallen Webster Fire Fighters who were ambushed when responding to a call for a house fire in the early morning hours on Christmas Eve and their families. It has been a difficult week for this town and even more difficult for the families who had their loved ones taken away so senselessly. This comes 10 days following the Newtown, Conn. tragedy and although my heart breaks for those sweet children and their teachers,  it is a different feeling when it happens in your own town and right near where you live. Calling hours for the Firefighters are Friday and Saturday at one of the local high schools to accommodate the 1000’s of people that will attend.  Please pray that their families can get through this difficult time. I feel very sad and at the same time angered that the crazy lunatic was not in jail where he should have stayed. What kind of system do we have anyway? Not a good one that’s for sure!

Well back to organizing my life!

Happy New Year to you all!!!



3 thoughts on “A gift, New Year’s starts and Prayers

  1. Oh Maureen, my heart goes out to your community! No one should have to go through that. I will certainly add the families of Webster to my prayers.

    I am so happy that you liked your gifts! Oh my goodness, that black-and-white Stitcher’s Helper is so CLEVER! And useful! I will especially love it when I work on dark fabric! Thank you so much!!!! Oh, and I admire your discipline for your birthday presents! :0)

  2. It must be something about colder weather,or winter… such a tragedy! But on a happier note, it looks like you will be stitching some cute projects! I look forward to seeing them progress… Hugs!

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