A few more ornaments!


Yeah! iI did finish the 2 ornaments that I said were almost done. The bell was given to me last year from my good friend,Erika. It’s finally done Erika, how does it look? The second one is Heart in Hand. I painted a wooden Christmas tree and put santa on it. my greens don’t match perfectly but it’s OK. This ornament will always make me remember Santa bring the Christmas presents and leaving them under the tree. This may be our last year with a believer but I will always cherish it.

Speaking of cherish, The last picture is my new tote bag, I know, like I need another tote bag. It is one of my weak points. I LOVE TOTE BAGS!! Ahhh! It feels good to get that of my chest. Anyway, at Madison’s scholl one of their funraisers is Square One Art. They make a picture in art class and then you can purchase it on products. This is my new tote bag with Madison’s butterfly on it. Isn’t it fabulous! I adore these. We also bought a mousepad and travel mug. You can also personalize some of the products as well. I also have a napkin holder with a fish on it from 1 st grade. For some reason they didn’t do it last year. I was kind of bummed. I love these because I know when she is all grown I will always have these to look at and remember these happy times.

So needless to say, with my bag obsession, I now will be carrying 3 stitching bags. One for projects, one for supplies, and one for ornaments. Goodness!

I hope to post next week but if I don’t since it is crunch time I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and enjoys time with family and friends.



One thought on “A few more ornaments!

  1. Your latest ornaments are so cute, Maureen! You’re really getting a wonderful collection. And what a sweet idea the school had in using the students’ art work on projects for fundraising. Of course, every parent is going to buy at least one item 🙂 Her butterfly is very cute…

    Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas–hope the “believer” keeps on believing for a few more years yet. I so miss that time 🙂

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