Christmas Decorating

So I have begun my Christmas decorating and tried something new this year. I bought this garland and put it on my hutch to place my ornaments. My collection is sad I know! I am working on that. The 2 pictures together is what it looks like across. I got this idea from my friend Carol of  Stitching Dreams. Thanks Carol! As my collection grows I’ll have to figure something else out.  Any suggestions??  Started working on my Christmas ornaments. Some will be for gifts and some will be added to my collection. I show some of those at a later date since I just got started.

Hope everyoe has a great weekend and i will be back next week!



5 thoughts on “Christmas Decorating

  1. How on Earth is this collection sad? I love it! And I love how you have finished and framed everything. This is a great idea! Pat yourself on the back! :0)

  2. You can start this coming Jan. Do one ornament a month as a goal so that by the time xmas comes around next year, you’ll have at least 12 new ones for your tree.

    Love the garland idea though!

  3. I’m glad my little Christmas garland could inspire you, Maureen!! Yours looks so pretty. I loved looking at each one 🙂

    I only put the twelve I’ve stitched for the current year on my garland going up my stairs… The rest go on our tree. I’ve been stitching an ornament a month for four years now so between them and ornaments given to me by stitching friends, I have quite a collection!

    Enjoy your weekend

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